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GBS MilitaryGBS Beatty     George Beatty Syroney, 58, of Rarden, died Friday, November 8, 1996 at the Southern Ohio Medical Center, in Portsmouth, Ohio.

     Born August 19, 1938 in Rarden, Ohio, he was the son of Irene Koch Syroney and the late Rudolph Stanley Syroney.

     He was employed as a service technician with Honda of Rarden for 32 years of service. He was a former member of the Rarden Village Council, a charter member and former fire chief with the Rarden Volunteer Fire Department, a driver of Rarden Squad 4 and served with the U.S. Army. And was a Life-Time Member of the Gold Wing Riders Association.

     Surviving are his wife, Shirley Smith Syroney whome he married February 24, 1967; two sons, George Beatty Syroney II of McDermott and Gregory Barton Syroney of Rarden; a daughter, Sharon Sue Beeson of Otway; a brother, Ronald Lewis Syroney of Rarden; two sisters, Doris Lee Wilson of Portsmouth and Nancy Ann Stiles of Rarden; and four grandchildren.

     He is also preceded in death by a brother Stanley Jay Syroney, half-brother CSM Everett Robert Taylor, and grand-daughter Sarah Ann Syroney.

     Services will be 1 p.m. Tuesday at Botkin Funeral Home in Otway with the Rev. Tim Throckmorton officiating, with military graveside rites being conducted by the American Legion Willaim A. Baker Post and interment in Mustard Cemetery.

     The Scioto County Storm Chaser Center has Dedicated this website to the Memory of George Beatty Syroney.

     He suffered from Throat Cancer in the mid-1980's and was treated with Chemotherapy, and Radiation treatment. Then in the early 1990's the doctor spotted a small spot in his lungs that was a size of a Dime. He was off work for about 2 years suffering from the Lung Cancer. Hospice was a great help with all that he needed, he was on oxygen, and had a nurse that would come out once or twice a week to check up on him. We had Old Log Cabin Camp Meetings just about every week with Rev. Delbert Copas, and other church members from other Churches in the Community. Then he requested to have a feeding tube put in, so we worked on getting that scheduled. He was taken to Mercy Hospital, in Portsmouth, on November 7, 1996, to have a feeding tube put in. He passed away in the middle of the night on the morning of November 8, 1996.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

In Memory of George Beatty Syorney I - Facebook Group

Rarden High School - Class of 1956

Class of 1956
Class of 1956 - George Beatty Syroney - Diploma

Click Here to view The Rarden High School Yearling - Yearbook 1955-1956.

U.S. Army - Company C, 4th Training Battalion Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Article in the Portsmouth Daily Times
DD 214
Rarden Volunteer Fire Department & Scioto County Squad #2
Raren Volunteer Fire Department Patch
RVFD 1975
Rarden Volunteer Fire Department in the early 1970's.
Those Deceased
1st Row: Gene McAllister, Randy Cooper, Clayton Miller and Paul Koch (b. January 14, 1911 - d. August 19, 1994).
2nd Row: Jeff Moore, Ronald Syroney, Donald Hoffer, Vondale Adams, Dwain Cooper (b. March 12, 1933 - d. December 12, 1996), and Fire Chief George Beatty Syroney (b. August 19, 1938 - d. November 8, 1996).
3rd Row: Roger Carter (b. October 20, 1936 - d. October 4, 2001), Paul Hoffer (b. July 22, 1932 - d. February 8, 1992), Roger McAllister, Carl South (b. August 26, 1938 - d. September 6, 2012), Donald Kirker (b. October 24, 1932 - d. March 19, 1990), and Ronald Moore.
Squad #2
George Beatty Syroney (In Squad Jumpsuit), Vickie
South (holding Brad South), and Gregory Syroney.
RVFD Group Picture 1992
Front Row: Kerry Perdue, Bernice Penn, Lelia Copas,
Vondale Adams, Gene McAllister, Jeanie Syroney,
Dwain Cooper, Paul Koch, George Beatty Syroney,
Terry Foster and Carl South.
Back Row: Kenny Cooper, Kevin Perdue,
Delbert Copas, Robert Gardner, and Ronald Syroney.
Dad's Work Place, Honda of Rarden, Rarden, Ohio
Honda of Rarden
George Beatty Syroney, working on Daniels' Gold Wing Motorcycle. Picture 1 Picture taken at Honda of Rarden, in Rarden, Ohio.
Honda of Rarden
George Beatty Syroney, working on Daniels' Gold Wing Motorcycle. Picture 2 Picture taken at Honda of Rarden, in Rarden, Ohio.
Gold Wing Rider's Association
GWRA Group
All the Gold Wing Rider's with the Gold Wing Rider's Association of Portsmouth, Ohio. - Picture taken at Honda of Rarden, in Rarden, Ohio.
Life Time Membership
Bill Penn and Janie Penn precenting George Beatty Syroney I (Dad), an Honorary Gold Wing Rider's Association - Lifetime Member. Gregory Syroney (Me), standing behind dad. - Picture take at Pop's Place, in Wheelersburg, Ohio.
Beatty's Surprise Birthday with Family, Friends, and Gold Wing Rider's Association
Picture of all the Gold Wing's lined up infront of our house and the neighbor's house.
The guy in the White hat is Frank Rose standing on the right side in front of the maroon Gold Wing.
Janie Penn, sitting in the chair.
Family, Friends, and Gold Wing Rider's sitting around the tables.
Tammy Adams, Catherine Adams, Shirley Wilkerson, Tom Wilkerson, Katherine Dean, and Jimmie Dean.
Dad, trying to hide behind the post from the camera.
Dad, holding his Birthday Cake for a picture.
Marvin Roe using a 1X6 to give George Beatty Syroney (Dad), his Birthday Whipping. Gregory Syroney (Me), laughing my butt off.
Beatty's Last Birthday (At Long's Retreat)
Beatty's Birthday Cake.
George Beatty Syroney I, holding his Birthday Cake with a few of the Gold Wing Rider's.
George Beatty Syroney, flirting around with the Gold Wing Rider's women. LOL
George Beatty Syroney, Shirley (Smith) Syroney, and the some of the Gold Wing Rider's Group.
George Beatty Syroney, and his mother Irene Koch Syroney.
Psalm 23
George Beatty Syroney I, with a few of his cousins.
Beatty's Baptism '1996'
Rev. Tim Throckmorton preaching before the Baptismal Service at the Creek in Youngs, between Otway, and Rarden, Ohio.
Rev. Tim Throckmorton, walking George Beatty Syroney I (Dad) down in the creek so that he can be Baptized.
Gergoe Beatty Syorney I (Dad), after being Baptized by Rev. Tim Throckmorton in the creek.
Rev. Tim Throckmorton, hunging George Beatty Syroney I (Dad) after the baptismal Service.
Shirley (Smith) Syroney (Mom), and George Beatty Syroney I (Dad), and Rev. Tim Throckmorton.
Video of George Beatty Syroney I's Baptism in Youngs, Ohio (between Rarden and Otway, Ohio).

Click Here for Large View.
Psalm 23
Rarden Bulldogs - Class of 1956
Last Class Reunion

Last Class Reunion for the Rarden Bulldog Class of 1956, at Adams Lake State Park, West Union, Ohio. This was taken in 1996.

Front Row (Left to Right):
Dorothy Ann (Hibbs) Alexander (August 9, 1938 - November 19, 1999), Unknown Who This Lady Is, and Dixie (Adams) Kirker.
Back Row (Left to Right):
Carl Ray Litreal (March 6, 1939 - May 11, 2018), Carl Russell South (August 26, 1938 - September 6, 2012),
Clarence Junior Hoffer Jr., and George Beatty Syroney I (August 19, 1938 - November 8, 1996).

Certificate of Death
Obituary from the Portsmouth Daily Times (November 9, 1996)
Visit To Mustard Hill Cemetery, on May 24, 2015

     I went and planted some Day Lilies, and Marigolds on my Dad's Grave on May 24, 2015. I was trying to find the pansies that he likes, but no one had them. So I bought Marigolds instead. He really likee the Tall Marigolds, but I bought the small Marigolds. I planted six Marigold Plants in the fron of his tombstone, and planted six in the back, and six around his Military Plaque. I Love my Dad and really miss him so much.

George Beatty Syroney's, Tombstone.
Photographed by Gregory Syroney, May 24, 2015.
George Beatty Syroney's, Tombstone (Back).
Photographed by Gregory Syroney, May 24, 2015.
George Beatty Syroney's, Military Grave Plaque.
Photographed by Gregory Syroney, May 24, 2015.
George Beatty Syroney's, Tombstone.
George Beatty Syroney's, Tombstone (Back).
What A Day That Will Be Music Sheet - Page 1 What A Day That Will Be Music Sheet - Page 2

CLICK HERE to Download the Music Sheet to What A Day That Will Be.
This song was sung at my Dad's Funeral by my Mom's four nieces Connie Ryan Greene, Cheryl Ryan Greene, Carolyn Ryan Pertuset, and Cindy Ryan Wilson.