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• I like using this webpage for viewing weather conditions in my area, and other areas when I travel. And that I am able to view the forecast from the National Weather Service. And always reliable information on here. I access this website every day to get the latest weather information for the areas where I may be.

Zach - Kitts Hill, Ohio

• This site has valuable information for all of our area. Even Adams County where one of my friends teaches. We are in Jackson and highly recommend this weather center!

Valerie - Jackson, Ohio

• Greetings, My name is David Saurer, I am a 29 year weather hobby forecaster for several weather groups and storm chasing organizations throughout the Southeast and Gulf Coast. I reside in Parma, Ohio in Cuyahoga County. Being that the Ohio Valley is a real threat for severe weather and tornadoes, I have come to learn that Scioto County Storm Chaser Center's website is a remarkable tool, great resource for weather education, and so much more. These folks really know how to keep you up-to-date with the latest weather advisories, watches, and warnings. I strongly recommend that you follow these great people. If you ever want to be a SKYWARN Storm Spotter, ask these people. Remarkable! I am extremely impressed with them.

David Saurer - Parma, Ohio
Lightning Weather

• Good info for the Scioto Valley and Southern Ohio area. Very well put together site! Very detailed! Glad we can exchange information on social media with you!

Chief Meteorologist Spencer Adkins
WOWK News Channel 13

• Absolutely love and appreciate your work here! The night, a few weeks back, when tornados were all over our area (March 2, 2012)...we're watching the radar and weather forecasts carefully and wouldn't you know, of all the times for us to be unable to pull the data from NOAA :( Then someone shared something from your FB and suddenly we could "see" again. Have been following ever since. And have found that a number of times now, when the NOAA radar is out, your still posting up to date radar info on FB (last night for example, March 30, 2012). Thank You for providing such a great service to the community.

Mike & Dawn - Blue Creek, OH

• I love Scioto County Storm Chasers, They give me the information I want right on my facebook page !!!! Great watchdogs of the ever changing weather !!!! And in the Ohio Valley we have the threat of dangerous weather conditions...I put my trust in the Scioto County Storm Chasers to keep me inform and updated !!! Thanks

Jennifer - Proctorville, OH

• "Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to tell you that as a teacher, I have been referencing your resource page: ( I've been compiling a list of resources for my students who have been given an assignment to write about natural and man-made disasters and occurrences. I found this article to be extremely resourceful! Thank you."
Mrs. Harris

• Great site Greg! Very informative and easy to navigate through. 10 10 10 10.

Matt - South Shore, KY

• Great wealth of info for our area weather, up close for personal. Have to give it a "10".

Dana - South Webster, OH

• Fantastic website! Thank you for sharing with us and keeping us well informed of up-coming weather.

Robin - West Portsmouth, OH

• Love your site, Greg. It's the only one I know of in my area where I can get this kind of information. It's also very useful to me. Good job.

Mary - Cincinnati, OH

• Great website a lot of good information.

Sandy - Lucasville, OH

• Great site! Love all the info it presents!

Vincent - Jackson, MS

• Nice site I am trained as SKYWARN for Central Ohio and this has alot of info that the training seminar didnt.

Joseph - Ohio

• Great website. I'm a trained and registered spotter in SW Iowa. Thanks for the added info.

Rick - Iowa

• I'm currently a trained and registered Storm Spotter in Nebraska. I'm interested in becoming a Storm Chaser. This website was very informative. There was enough information to help get me started as a Storm Chaser.

Shiloh - Nebraska

• This is really cool! I'll be letting my family know. They usually only get WV weather info on the t.v., This includes Adams county, so it will give them more info and warning. Since they live on the Adams Scioto border. Way to go Greg! Thanks.

Melissa - San Jose, CA